28 th  Anniversary



In 1990, G. Yunes initiated a project in the cities of San Antonio, Texas and Mexico City to offer carpets and tapestries, creating the company "Alfombras y Tapices de Importacion", which focused in offering a wide range of high quality products and services tailored to each client. In 1998 the business changed its location, settling in the RGV ( Rio Grande Valley ) and taking the name Yunes Trade Company. The quality of service remains the same since 1990, and moving past a quarter century of service, we are pleased to offer our next level of service; YUNES SMART BUY​; innovation and efficiency. Innovation, that created the concept REVERSE BUY​ which inverts the purchase process, where you become your own provider, where after researching  on the internet on other products, design your ideal product criteria: design, quality, material, color, construction and PRICE when combined will be delivered to your door in Mexico, with installation service available.